Motify Newsletter #1 – 働き方の未来・Future of Work


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「仕事の未来」とは何でしょうか? これは自分たちが何を作ろうか決めること、自分たちのチーム管理の決め方、自分たちの環境を左右するポリシー実行の決め方、です。




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PS: 最近「キングダム」という漫画にはまっていまして、それは中国統一についての物語です。法律についての章がありまして、それは仕事のポリシーにも適用できると思います。

Future of Work

I remember when I was at Sony, when we discussed trends, someone would often come up and say: “Let’s not care so much about the trend and create the future we want”. In the hardware business, since it might take from 2 to 4 years to fully develop a product, the world might have already changed from the first concept and future thinking is crucial to be alive.

What about the Future of Work? This is what we decide to create, how we decide to manage our teams, how we decide to implement the policies that govern our environment.

Most of the software out there is focusing on hiring. Not that this is not important, but The Future of Work that we want to create is actually related to happiness and productivity. Like famous author on Engagement Kevin Kruse writes on his books, If you are happy, you are generally more productive and you bring your friends along, solving a big part of the hiring problem. In our research, we learned that people want Psychological Safety, Growth, Meaning. What does a work with those things in place looks like?

We are looking at it now by taking the examples of companies like Google, AirBnb and Semco that have environments that focus on growing people. A future that people are happy at work because they can be themselves, they can feel that everyone is cheering for their success and their work is not about a powerpoint, but about changing the world.

The Future of Work is not a new software or gadget. It is about thinking the life you want to live and working in that direction. Sometimes a software might help making this path easier. But the finish line, the ideal work environment for your team, you will have to take the time to decide by yourself or with your team. Once you decide, I hope Motify can help you get there.

Gustavo Dore
Motify CEO

PS: Recently I have been obsessed with a Manga called Kingdom and it is about the unification of China. There is a chapter around law and I think it applies to work policies as well.

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