HRテック, 働き方の未来



How Chatbots will replace HR?
This week, from several different places, chatbots stories arrived at my mail box, slack, and even at some meetings.
Chatbots are pieces of software embedded with some artificial inteligence and allow you to interface with a machine in a similar way you would be interfacing with a real person. The most famous chatbot might be Apple’s Siri, but Google also have a chatbot called Allo and Microsoft has several like Zo, or my favorite, Cortana.
Why this became so relevant is that several big companies and startups opened their chatbot framework for developers. So with a little bit of script writing, virtually anyone could come up with an AI. So what? We have been replacing people by machines in a big wave in several industries. With a chatbot a big part of the HR work will be replaced. A well created chatbot could calculate your days left of vacation, explain your list of benefits at anytime you need and even be able to counsel you about a compliance practice or what to do to become a manager. In Japan we could use it to advise you about working too much, for example.
Around the world, in 5 years, the HR manager will still be there, the counselor will also still be there. The chatbot still won’t be able to hire people on company culture (Not yet). But the rest of the paperwork and questions from the employee for support will mostly be replaced. Japan is great for automating things and bring robots in, but still has a long way to learn how to relocate and inspire people to want to be creative and grow. What to do when all those jobs are automated is what worries a lot of the big companies right now.